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The Ultimate Swegway Lowdown

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One blog with all you need to know about the wonder that is a Swegway…

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Are Hoverboards, Swegways, Balance Boards all different items?

The Swegway is known by different names, which sometimes can cause a little confusion. They are most commonly referred to as a Hoverboard, Swegway or Balance Board. In reality, they are all the same machine but just referred to as different names.

A Segway and Ninebot are completely different but that is for another day!

Are they safe?

One of the biggest questions that arises in many a discussion about the Swegway is how safe is it? After media reports on the boards catching fire there was genuine concern about how safe they were.

The good news is that such reports have now disappeared. The reason they appeared in the first place was due to cheaply made boards using cheap components. Here at Balance Boards we only use the highest quality components and batteries.

How fast do they go?

We don’t recommend you continually blast your board at maximum speed but for your information a standard Swegway can travel at around 9 or 10 miles per hour. Of course, this is down to the  weight of rider and what surface you are riding on. In the right conditions, it is possible to go above these speeds.

Where are they made?

All Swegways are made in China and then imported into the UK. Each board that we import into our warehouse is thoroughly tested before dispatch by our team of engineers. We only ship boards that have been approved by our team.

How much are they?

The cost of Swegways differ depending on size and what features you require. Our entry-level board is available on our website at just £294.99, this is a 6” board. The price of boards then increases depending on whether you want an 8” or 10” board and what extras you require. If you want to add features like Bluetooth then this will cost a little more. An 8” Swegway with Bluetooth costs £379.99, which you can see here.

Are Swegways waterproof?

Swegways can handle a degree of water. They are water resistant but like any electrical item, they are not built to be submerged in water for any length of time. They can handle rain and small puddles but of course, we wouldn’t recommend you go swimming with one.

How do I make sure I look after my new board?

Looking after your Swegway is important so that it lasts the course of time. They are made for regular use and can take a fair few bumps but they certainly don’t want to be crashed into brick walls too often!

Simple things like taking care and not riding the board too fast all help sustain the board along with carrying it in a carry case and purchasing protective strips. All boards purchased from us come complete with 12 months warranty for that extra peace of mind. You can see full warranty details here.


You can see our full range of boards on our website. With free delivery available on all boards, do take a look. If you have any questions then do contact us through our website or social media.

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