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Swegway: The Must Have Gadget for 2017!

Competition is always strong when it comes to the best and most sought after gadgets. There are plenty of options available to take the crown of the best gadget for 2017 but what we are sure of is that the Swegway is right up there.

The Swegway is still one of the most popular gadgets in the UK and is proving super popular as a Christmas gift this year. With releases such as the Ninebot, this has only helped improve the popularity of the boards. But what makes them such a popular choice for many?


Everyone loves them, including celebs!

There have been so many celebrities spotted enjoying hours of fun on their Swegways. From Jamie Fox to Mr Bieber, they have all played their part in adding to the fame of the Swegway. We recently wrote a blog on celebrities and Swegways.

One thing you can be assured of is that when you purchase a Swegway from us you are in good company!

It’s not just for young’uns!

There is a myth that Swegways are just for kids and this is just not true.

People of all ages enjoy their Swegways which makes them a gadget that the whole family can enjoy, not just the kids. In fact, it is well known that kids have to battle with their parents to have a go.

In this family, it is the grandma that won the battle!

They are not as expensive as you might think!

Again, another myth is that Swegways are overpriced and cost crazy amounts of money. Not when you purchase one from Balance Boards.

Our boards start at just £294.99 which makes them super affordable. These boards all comes with free shipping and 12 months’ warranty, which makes them a great deal.

They are epic fun!

Swegways are not just a mode of transport, they are so much more than that!

Yes, they are a great way to get around but they are also great gadgets for having so much fun with. You can use them to perform a whole range of tricks and if you have friends that also have the boards then there is so much you can do. What about an obstacle course, Swegway Olympics or even Swegway penalties as seen in the video below?

Who wants to walk anyway?

Of course, once you join the Swegway club walking becomes a thing of past.

Why walk when you can get around on your new board? You will be the envy of all your friends when you show them your new Swegway. Whilst they are walking, running or even biking, you can become the king or queen of the group with your Swegway. Who wants to walk anyway?


We have a selection of Swegways available at rock bottom prices. All our boards are shipped from the UK and are thoroughly tested before they are shipped to you. You can see our full range of boards here.

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