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Swegway Myths Revealed

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What to believe and what not to believe, that is the question!

Sometimes between the media, Chinese whispers and what your friend from down the road tells you it can be difficult to determine fact from fiction. When it comes to Swegways, we know the facts and can tell you what is true and what is not. So, it’s time to reveal the top 3 Swegway myths. Drum roll please!

Balance Boards UK

1. Swegways are super expensive

When people first thing about Swegways pound signs can appear in their eyes. To buy this technology naturally people think they are going to have to break the bank but this is just not the case.

When Swegways first hit the market, they may have been a little pricey but that is certainly not the case now. Our Swegways start from just £294.99. This gets you a 6” board with free shipping and a full year’s warranty. What a bargain!

Of course, you can get boards that are more expensive and you can see the full range on our website. If you wanted to buy a larger board or add features such as Bluetooth then you will pay that little bit more. However, whatever board you choose if you purchase through Balance Boards you will grab yourself a bargain.

2. Swegways are dangerous

When Swegways first arrived on the scene, there were a number of incidents where some Swegways caught fire. The truth is, boards are built by different manufactures and so not every board will have been made the same way using the same components.

The primary reason for the boards catching fire is that they contained batteries that were not fit for purpose and that didn’t have the correct protections in place. They also had substandard charges and together that is a recipe for disaster. These boards have now pretty much been removed from the market.

Here at Balance Boards we ensure that all our boards are built with quality components using Samsung batteries that comply with all regulations. We don’t cut corners and every one of our boards are tested before dispatch at our UK Warehouse. When it comes to your safety, we don’t take any chances. Always ensure you buy Swegways from a reputable company.

3. Swegways are hard to ride

Whenever you make a purchase of a new device there is always a period of time where you have to learn how to use it and understand how it works. The Swegway is no different, but when you have mastered it then there is so much fun to be had.

When you first receive your new board you will need to take your time to familiarise yourself with it. Start by just standing on the board and when moving hold onto someone or a stable surface like a wall. Before long, you will gain confidence and find that riding freely is no problem. Then of course, it will be time to learn some tricks and start to impress.

Like anything in life, it takes practice but anyone can learn to ride a Swegway and ride it well.


If you have yet to join the Swegway club then we have a wide range of boards available on our website. Take a look at all the different boards we have on offer here.

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