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How to Stay Swegway Safe

There is so much fun to be had on a Swegway. From just gliding around to attempting more complex tricks there is hours and hours of fun to be had.

When buying an item like a Swegway it is important to remember that safety is an important factor. Safety in the sense of looking after yourself whilst you ride the board but also ensuring that you purchase correctly. Since their launch there have been lots of cheap replica boards available that have caused problems for many customers but fortunately most of these board have now been removed from the market.

To help you make a safe Swegway purchase here are our top 5 recommendations when it comes to staying safe:

Swegway Safety

1. Buy from a reputable company

When buying any electrical item, it is important that you buy from a reputable company. There is no doubt that you can find cheaper boards online but are these boards safe?

When you purchase from Balance Boards you are buying from a trusted UK supplier. All our boards come with a 30-day money back guarantee and each board is tested before it leaves our warehouse.

Also, all our boards come with BSI 1363 certified UK chargers and not cheap Chinese components like you might find elsewhere.

2. Protect yourself with warranty

It is important that when you purchase any new product you receive a warranty with that purchase. With the Swegway being a technical product it is vital that you receive a high-quality warranty.

With every board that we sell, we give a 12-month warranty. We want you to enjoy your new purchase and should the worst happen it is important that you are still protected. You need to know that if a fault does arrive you are covered.

You can see full details of our warranty service here.

3. Buy UK

Often when you find a deal for a cheap Swegway you may find that the board is not actually located in the UK. When you do this, you risk the quality of the board not being as it should be and it taking around 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Here at Balance Boards you can be assured that all our boards come to you from our UK warehouses. We are a trusted UK seller, selling boards with UK chargers and giving you the best of service at all times.

4. Wear appropriate clothing

We would always recommend at the very minimum you wear a safety helmet when riding your Swegway. This of course is going to give you the protection you need should you fall off your board.

There is also the option for wearing knee, elbow and wrist pads to give you that added protection. You can find a range of these safety items on our website.

5. Learn and take your time

It is important that when you purchase your new Swegway you take the time to learn how to use it correctly. We would recommend that at first you hold onto a wall or fixed object as you learn how to balance. Also, watch your speed, there is no rush to become the world’s best Swegway rider within 10 minutes!

Spend time learning how to ride safely so you can enjoy your new board for years to come. We regularly put tips and advice on our Facebook page for Swegway fans, so do follow us here.


If you are looking to purchase a new Swegway then look no further than Balance Boards. We offer a wide range of boards, so do take a look.


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