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How To Maintain Your New Swegway

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Like any new shiny device, it is important that you look after and maintain it and a Swegway is no different. The more you look after your board the longer and the more riding time it will give you.

With this in mind here are our top tips to maintaining and caring for your new Swegway.

looking after a swegway

Ride with care

Give your Swegway some TLC in the way that you ride it. Of course you want to have fun on your board but we would advise that you learn to use your board before trying to become the next Swegway speed champion.

Some key tips when you are learning are:

  • Stay on flat ground
  • Wear protective gear (you can buy it here)
  • Hold onto a wall or stable surface
  • Have someone help you in the early stages

Once you have mastered your board and you feel you are in complete control then you can start to speed up and try out some tricks. A Swegway is a motorised vehicle and so full care and focus is required when riding. This ensures both you and your board stay in one piece.

Enjoy it but stay safe.

Buy a cover

We now stock a range of protective covers for your Swegway which not only give your boards a great look they also help look after your board. Made from silicone material our covers are available in a range of 15 different colours.

Fitting takes all of around 30 seconds and it will fit skin tight around your board to protect it from any accidents. Specially designed to absorb shock from impact our covers really do increase the durability of your board.

Avoid water

Of course if you ride through a small puddle then this is not going to cause a major issue but it is advisable to not expose your new board to too much water.

When riding your board outside we would recommend that you avoid any big puddles and when rain is heavy maybe keep your Swegway indoors. Who wants to get that wet anyway?

As much as possible keep your Swegway dry and therefore safe.

Watch your speed

We all may want to be the next Lewis Hamilton of the Swegway world but care is needed when riding your board. You can get up to 12mph on your Swegway and believe us that can feel pretty fast.

As we have already mentioned, staying in full control of your board is vital to ensuring t is looked after and speed is the main reason you may come off your board. Riding at maximum speed makes the ability to ride harder so we don’t recommend that you do this on a continual basis.

If riding at full pace is an absolute must for you then we do recommend you get plenty of practice in and also wear protective gear. You and your board will be glad you did.


We have a wide range of Swegways available at rock bottom prices. As the must have gadget for this Christmas take a look at what is available on our website.

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