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All You Need To Know About The Ninebot Mini Pro

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It’s slick, elegant and one heck of a ride, introducing the Ninebot Mini Pro. This impressive machine is fast becoming a fans favourite when it comes to transportation products. So what makes it’s such a must have machine?

ninebot mini pro

1. It looks incredible

So we know looks aren’t everything but if they were then the Ninebot Mini Pro would be on everyone's wish list. It truly is an impressive looking machine.

With its smart, sleek and streamlined profile, it’s all in the detail when it comes to the Mini Pro. Prepare to have some jealous friends when you show them your new purchase.

2. Easy to ride

The Mini Pro's advanced technology keeps you balanced at all times ensuring you get an incredible ride. In fact you can learn to ride the Mini Pro in just 3 minutes. It really is super easy to get started.

With its multiple precision sensors that continuously read every move your body makes the Mini Pro makes the necessary adjustments to ensure your balance, speed and direction are as they need to be. It is a seriously smooth and safe ride.

3. It’s quick and safe

The Mini Pro is not really a racing machine but it's not slow either. Travelling at speeds of up to 11mph, it is four times quicker than walking.

As rider safety is the Ninebot's priority there are a number of safety features all built in for you. For example, the Ninebot will automatically stop the motor when a rider lifts it to avoid any damage or injury. Each machine is required to pass 50 rigorous quality tests before being approved for sale ensuring all riders are safe at all times.

Safety features also include:

  • Stop when falling protection
  • Over-speed warning
  • Anti-skid pneumatic tire
  • Fault alarm and black box
  • Power on self-test
  • Intelligent battery monitoring

4. Not easily stopped

Climbs, inclines and small obstacles are not a problem for the Mini Pro. It might well be a slick design but it can also quite easily handle more urban environments.

Thanks to its clever and dynamic design this Ninebot can climb a 15 degree incline and easily deal with small obstacles that might try and get in its way.

5. Technology clever

The Mini Pro has a full range of customisable LED lighting options which adds more fun to your ride. Different lighting colours can be selected for each of the machines different functions such as stopping, breaking, turning and much more. In fact, you can choose from a selection of a huge 16 million colour combinations.

The Mini Pro also comes with a remote-control feature using the power of Bluetooth. Control the Ninebot from a distance to include changing the speed and doing 360 degree turns. You can even use your phone as a remote control.


For the ultimate riding experience take a look at the Ninebot Mini Pro available on our website. We also have other Ninebots available to purchase including the Ninebot 1E+ Uniwheel and the Ninebot Elite.

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